Who We Are

Defined as “full of life, lively,” the name Vively embodies the feeling we strive to create for patients and their families. It also represents our team’s entrepreneurial spirit in redesigning and delivering home-based primary care for chronically ill patients.

What We Do

Vively Health partners with health plans and collaborates with local providers to care for the highest-risk, chronically ill members. We refer to these members as Most Vulnerable Patients (MVPs). We believe that house calls—our in-home primary care program—is the most impactful way to provide comprehensive care for MVPs. Additionally, we take full risk for each member’s total cost of care.

At Vively, we are committed to helping MVPs live healthier and more fulfilled lives, while also helping reduce their total cost of care. This supports patients, their existing providers, and our health plan partners.


Who We Serve

MVPs represent a significant portion of our nation's health care utilization and spend in a typical year.1

3 pink female silhouette

1 in 3

visit ER at least once per year

4 pink female silhouette

1 in 4

have at least 1 hospital stay per year

5 pink female silhouette

1 in 5

are readmitted within 30 days³

Two doctors with one stethoscope icon


doctor visits on average each year

3 different types of medical pills icon


medications on average filled each year

How It Works

Right Member Identification

Right Member Identification

Our highly sophisticated predictive analytics prospectively identifies the right members for house calls. Traditional comorbidity identification models often misidentify up to 2/3 of the population (false positives and false negatives), resulting in missed opportunities. Our model selects members based on expected future chronic conditions and cost.

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Robust Clinical Approach

Robust Clinical Approach

We have fully developed clinical pathways, workflows, training and EMR integration for an interrelated set of addressable chronic conditions. When members join our house calls program, we assess and document their needs, collaboratively develop a care plan, and provide comprehensive and personalized care.

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Scalable House Calls

Scalable House Calls

Delivering a comprehensive house calls program requires disciplined and relentless execution. Based on our 20 year history of operational excellence, we have cultivated the people, processes, and systems required to execute a scalable house calls program with rigor and accountability.

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