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What Makes Us Different

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Full risk provider

Full risk provider

We take full risk on the total cost of care. There are no upfront Per Member Per Month (PMPM) or out-of-pocket expenses for our partners. We agree on a baseline and Vively covers the operating costs. Only after savings are generated, Vively recovers the operating costs and we share the surplus with our partner.

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Proven results over time

Proven results over time

We have nearly 20 years of experience delivering scalable, comprehensive care programs to manage health plans’ highest-risk members. We are not a start-up with a narrow track record over a short period of time. As a result of our team’s disciplined and accountable execution, our programs have demonstrated measurable results.

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Complete care model

Complete care model

Point solutions that address a single co-morbidity or piece of the cost are insufficient and often create misaligned incentives. MVPs require comprehensive care, which is not cost effective for individual providers given their small number of the polychronic patients. We partner with health plans and local providers to provide scalable solutions across markets for home-based MVP care.

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Predictive patient selection

Predictive patient selection

We have learned through experience that simply looking backwards into claims to identify the highest-cost members today is insufficient in identifying the highest-cost members tomorrow. We have developed a highly sophisticated patient selection and predictive analytics approach that identifies the right members for our house calls program based on their expected future condition-related costs.

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PCP & specialist friendly

PCP & specialist friendly

Our care model is designed to work alongside and complement local providers, not disintermediate them or the critical relationships they have with their patients/your members. Our legacy as a provider and medical group gives us unique sensitivity to working with local primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists.

Our Leadership Team

Dorothy (Dody) Fisher, MD, MGH

National Medical Director

Ian Laird

National Vice President, Growth

Justin Kindy, FSA, MAAA

National Vice President, Actuarial & Analytics

Jason Shafton

National Vice President, Engagement

Melissa Fass

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Todd Saunders

Senior Director, Technology and Infrastructure

Katy Korman, JD

Group General Counsel

About Vively

Vively Health delivers home-based primary care to our nation's Most Vulnerable Patients, individuals with an interrelated set of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, COPD, depression, and anxiety. Under full risk arrangements, Vively’s community-based, physician-led care teams deliver medical, behavioral, social and palliative care to chronically ill patients within the home. Our house calls programs have enhanced the lives of thousands of patients with a 91% satisfaction rating; 35-40% reduction in hospitalizations; 10-15% reduction in emergency room visits; and 15-20% reduction in cost of care. Vively leverages nearly 20 years of experience in managing high-risk patients under at-risk arrangements with payors and risk-bearing entities. Vively Health is a standalone subsidiary of DaVita Inc.

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