Welcome Interview with Jason Shafton

January 27, 2020

Vively Health

Photo of Jason Shafton 

I have spent my career developing consumer marketing and engagement campaigns within healthcare, wellness and technology, with roles including:

  • Co-Founder & Senior Vice President of Marketing with Heal, a house call healthcare technology company disrupting traditional primary care
  • Chief Marketing Officer with Soothe, a massage therapy company providing in-home health and wellness services
  • Vice President of Marketing with Headspace, a meditation app helping people around the world live happier and healthier lives through mindfulness

In November, I joined Vively Health as the National VP of Engagement. I am thrilled to take on this new role, as I will be accountable for patient and provider engagement for Vively Health across all communication channels.

I recently sat down with our President, Hank Schlissberg to answer a few questions, such as: How do you think Vively is embracing risk and driving innovation?

I believe Vively is embracing risk by actively seeking out and choosing to care for the most vulnerable patients who will benefit the most from house calls. And we’re driving innovation because by taking care of these MVPs, we’ll be helping to reduce their overall healthcare costs by keeping them healthier at home and out of the hospital.

To watch my full interview with our President, Hank Schlissberg, click here.


Jason Shafton
Vice President, Engagement, Vively Health