HLTH Insights: Is the Future of Healthcare Headed in the Right Direction?

November 28, 2019

Hank Schlissberg

HLTH Create Health's Future  

I was energized and exhausted coming back from last month’s HLTH conference in Las Vegas. It was great to witness the excitement around our rebrand and Cerner partnership. I also felt privileged to be part of the chronic condition management conversation as leaders across healthcare work together to Create Health’s Future, the theme of this year’s conference.

Some important themes from the dialogue were:

  1. Care is unanimously moving to meet patients where they are – there was a big push for homecentered care models
  2. Complex chronic condition management is the center of the bullseye – getting upstream to help detect and predict early is key
  3. The adoption of value-based care will continue to grow – the pace will pick up even more once the latest CMMI models take effect (Adam Boehler predicted that fee-for-service will be extinct within the next couple of years)

As expected, there were a number of innovative companies attending HLTH, many of whom shared the stage with me to weigh in on the future of healthcare and how their models are making a difference. These companies included technology-enabled solution providers and care model innovators. Yet despite the approach, one common theme resonated loud and clear. Everyone was trying to solve the same problem: how to meaningfully and measurably improve the health of the highest risk, most chronically ill patients.

Time will tell which solutions rise to the top of the innovation and adoption ladder, but the future has never been clearer. Whether you are a healthcare payer, provider, or innovator, you should continue to focus your offering on how to keep patients healthy and look to partner to fill any gaps in technology or care.

At Vively, we are literally betting the house on “house calls” as a necessary care re-invention to get upstream to slow the progression of chronic disease and meet patients where they are to deliver routine, comprehensive, coordinated care to those actively managing multiple chronic conditions. In fact, we are so bullish on our care model and offering that our medical group takes full risk when partnering with health plans to manage their highest-risk members.

To learn more, watch our Getting a Jump on Chronic Conditions HLTH panel and/or contact me directly.


Hank Schlissberg
President, Vively Health